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sexy danger

Telling someone that they have 40 years of deterioration in their spine and nerve system isn’t sexy. What’s sexy is telling that same person that there is something they can feel 18 again in 7 days after taking this remedy, and right now it is on sale!

Of course we all want to believe the sexy statements. We want to believe that there is a quick fix to a long-standing issue. We want to see dramatic changes that lead to fast and amazing results that stick forever. However, if we want real change that lasts we have to be ready to have patience.

Perhaps more importantly, believing the sexy talk can be very dangerous to our health. All  (yes, all) medicines, diet pills and salves have side-effects. Some more than others, so be safe in what you put into your body.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do not believe the hype:

  • A quick fix is most likely not “fixing” anything. Most likely, you are being distracted while the issue persists.
  • If there is deterioration that is present, it took time to get that way so it will take time to correct the issue, if correction can happen.
  • Patience and follow through always wins the race.


A valuable life

We want our community to live a life that is valuable.

A life that is worthy of praise.

A life that is well lived.

It may be dirty at times, there may be ups and downs, however let there be no limitations due to a poor and neglected health.

A life with little or no regret is what we shoot for. It is our goal, it is our calling.

A life of high value has no room for poor health. If we are to live lives that have drank from the entire pitcher of all that life has to give, then we must understand that our health is our most valuable asset.

Health is an asset that must not be neglected no matter what cost. If we are healthy and if we are truly living a life without limits, then we are fulfilling our highest purpose. Living healthy comes first.

proper focus

proper focus

One cannot have more dark.

Nor can you truly posses disease!

Darkness is simply the absence of light. In order to rid your room of darkness, isn’t it easier to light a candle, than to remove the dark?

In order to rid ourselves of disease, we must promote health. Chasing something that only exists because man has given name to it is a futile attempt at restoring health.

Why expect more?

Why expect more?

Why do we expect more out of your health?

We have seen some pretty great transformations in some pretty train-wrecked people, thats why.

Imagine if you had a crew show up to build your home. This crew had some of the best foundation workers, concrete preparers, sheetrock guys, and roofers. They showed up with not only the fastest crew, but a crew that could make the most precise cuts for your tile work. Not only did the best crew sho, but this crew showed up with all the tools for the job. The shovels, hammers, levels and even the power tools. The crew was really on the ball. But, there was just one problem: Everyone showed up but one guy, the guy with the plans.

What happened?

Unfortunately, even the best crew with the best tools cannot build the simplest home without the instructions.

Your nerve system communicates the instructions. If you have all the pieces (organs, glands, and tissues), yet you have poor communications of the work to be done then the outcome will be less than desirable. This is where chiropractic comes in.


The intelligence

We understand that the human body is a marvelous machine, which can accomplish amazing things. We know that there is an amazing intelligence within you that is in control of all actions, adapting you to the environment you live.
Innate intelligence is a term that chiropractors use to label the intelligent power within each and every living thing. This powerful maestro orchestrates life itself. Knowing what chemicals need to be filtered to breathe, and being able to use this polluted environment we live in at times to thrive is no small feat. These are just a few examples of your innate intelligence’s job.
Honoring this innate intelligence means trusting your body, not stressing it when possible, and acknowledging that you are not a random heap of materials that lives in a poorly organized fashion. You were powerfully made, and your innate intelligence needs no interference. This is called “thinking inside-out”. This is how we approach your health at Adjust.img_0279