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All in, all done?

Recently I was watching a favorite show in our home called, “Storage Wars”. I assume the interest in the show is to see, without actually getting dirty, what someone would pay to store. Then, as though their “stuff” isn’t worth anything, someone will stop paying the monthly storage fees, and let it all go to auction.

Last night there was an episode in which it was obvious to see what was in the unit. It was filled with motorcycle parts, mainly motors. A total of 40 complete motors, ranging from vintage Yamaha, to a newer Harley Davidson were found, along with approximately 20 incomplete motors to use as parts. What a find! So what did the bidders do? I assumed the auction would go for 5K minimum, however this was not the case.

When the bidders were all interviewed, all but one person really saw the value. Everyone else made comments like:
“It looks like a lot of work.”
“My back hurts looking at this.”
“I see a lot of time spent trying to sell this, like a month!”

There was one bidder that saw the value, and he purchased the unit for under 2K. In the end, he was truly the winner. He saw the value, he got it for a reasonable price, and profited over 8K with an immediate sale to a local motorcycle repair shop. In fact, the owner of the motorcycle repair shop agreed to clean out the locker by the end of the day, himself!

So, what’s to learn?

When given an opportunity, most humans will get lazy and miss out on the huge benefit of the opportunity. I see this in the healthcare business all the time:
“Wow, doc. That looks like a lot of work.”
“I don’t know if I can wake up 15 minutes earlier to come in before work. I’m not a morning person.”
“That’s a long time to get what I want. Can’t I just take a pill?”

Here is the cold hard truth. Sometimes you have to work to get a good outcome. Hard work, money, and time spent doesn’t always mean you will get a great outcome from your investment. However, if you never try I can guarantee that you will NEVER see a great outcome. But, it gets even better than that!

Chiropractic is a lot different than an auction. Chiropractic isn’t a gamble. It is based on time-tested, scientific principles that work. When given the proper alignment to your spine, you will have a healthier nerve system. A healthier nerve system means better sleep, more energy, increased levels of performance, less medications, less allergies, less healthcare dollars spent by your family, and less sick days from work and school (just to name a few).

Sometimes opportunities look like a lot of work, when truly it will add real value to your life, if you give it a chance. Give your health a chance today. It won’t wait around forever. As my favorite auctioneer says, “All in, all done?”


With knowledge, comes responsibility.

If you had the knowledge of an IN-born, INtelligent, INnate ability of every human being to heal from any and all of life’s colds, flus, aches, diseases, or cancers what would you do with this knowledge?

Wouldn’t it seem reasonable that you would tell all of your friends and family (at least the ones that you care about) about this POWERful “thing” that resides withIN them?

This very thing exists in you. The power to organize, repair, construct, destruct, re-construct is all there. The ability for you to be the absolute best version of YOU is so close within your reach, that it ALMOST seems impossible, too good to be true, or out of grasp.

WithIN all of us is an INnate that is all knowing when it comes to your health and well being. Support this INnate, don’t fight it, cut it, burn it, or drug it.

Symptom driven

Responding to symptoms is emergency care, not health care. Necessary at times, however in emergency situations is it only necessary. First, determining if the situation is truly an emergency is a must. This is the hardest part.

If your situation is not an emergency, then symptoms could actually be a good thing. Remember that the intelligence of your body is more intelligent than you!

Of course the best course for anyone’s health is true prevention. It’s so simple, yet so difficult to do. Every choice you make either moves you closer to good health, or closer to a lower quality of life.

Your choice.