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Selfishness can be a virtue. Selfishness is essential for survival, and without survival, we can not protect those whom we love more than ourselves. -Duke Ellington

Everytime I fly, I am reminded of this. It is stated right before the plane leaves the tarmac, and many do not realize the importance. In case of emergency, you are to place the oxygen mask over yourself first, then your children.

You can not take care of others, until you are safe, and healthy to take care of them.

There are times when our bodies are sending us messages. We often ignore these messages to take care of our children, our parents, or our loved ones. If we don’t soon pay attention to ourselves, and be a little selfish, then we will never be able to take care of our loved ones the way we would like.

The only question is this: How late do you plan to wait to take care of your health? Most that I meet have waited way too long. Selfishness at times is essential, your loved ones will thank you later.

Matthew M Mix, DC


When was the last time you listened to your innate?

We are constantly being “spoken to” by our innate intelligence.  Whether the message is really simple, like, “I,m cold.”  Or more complex of a message like, “I am being bombarded by many stresses right now, maybe staying up late to get caught up on paperwork, isn’t the best plan for your health right now!”

It is very hard to know that if the messages you are “hearing” are those of your wants, or of your innate wants.  The best way that I have been able to listen to my innate is by following one basic rule.

If this thing that I am about to say, do, or be will have a positive affect on my health, then it is most likely “innately correct” for me.

Innate is that “thing” that controls and coordinates ever function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.  Innate wants you to be healthy, so if we assume healthy things help innate, then it is best to do them!


Change is a constant. Whether you have anything to do with it or not, change is occurring. Of course, that does not mean that the change that is going to occur is the one that we want to occur. This is where the fear of change emerges within us. We are not that happy with where we are, however we are more fearful of where we could go.

It seems to me that in order for a person to change their current state of health, they have to be more uncomfortable with where they are, than their comfort level with change itself. Only then will a shift occur within them that allows them to change their circumstances for the better.

Examine your current situation in it’s entirety right now. Does your health, in it’s current state, keep you from participating in an area of life that you would like to?

Matthew M Mix, DC

Emotionally Involved

Do you know the kind that gets so involved in a sports event, that they have an emotional reaction to it? If their team wins, then they feel good, if their team loses, it can literally cause a heart attack. In fact one name comes to mind right away: Mike Ditka

He is still referred to as “Coach”, because of the time that he put on the field. He was known as the overly-emotional Chicago Bears coach for years on end. He would get so emotionally involved in the game that he was ordered by his doctor’s to stay away from coaching. Not only was he ordered by his doctors to stop coaching, the advice given to him was to refrain watching, or even listening to the game on the radio!

All of us know someone that is affected in a negative way by an event, that really doesn’t alter their life at all. They let outside occurences affect their mood, their happiness, and ultimatelly their life experience. This is one stress that has an affect on our health and well being. This stress negatively affects our nerve system. In fact, I agree with BJ Palmer, the great Chiropractor of Davenport, IA that found 85% of all subluxations being caused by emotional stress.

So, lighten up a bit. Your health depends on it. After-all, it’s just a game to you. At least the coach had a reason to be so attached to the game…his career depended on it!