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I don’t do that

Results in your health come from a handful of important things you can do to be healthy. You do not have to be perfect, to be healthy. I see this incorrect thought all the time in healthcare.

A patient goes to a healthcare provider. For this example, let’s say a chiropractor. The patient is immediately told that he or she needs to receive chiropractic care, along with other recommendations to stop the progression of ill-health, and diminished life experience. Sounds about right, however here is the issue that often ensues:
How many “other recommendations”?
Most of the time it will involve:
electric stimulation
heat or ice
diet modification
detoxification remedies
gels or lotions (biofreeze)

The chiropractor may actually believe that these things are good for the patient, and some may be, however are they really necessary? The truth is that my own profession will often overstep their knowledge, and profession, by recommending things that are out of the scope of chiropractic. That is not what we do.
We do one thing, and we do it well. We adjust. In order to adjust, we analyze the spine and nervous system for the presence of subluxation. A subluxation is interference to the impulse in your nervous system. We find that subluxation, and remove it. If we find that there is something else that you need other than chiropractic, we will refer you to the proper intelligent individual in that specialty.


How much will it take..
to be healthier?
to make a change?
to see the change?
to feel the change?
to heal?
It depends on..
how long has your health been neglected?
how much stress have you undergone?
how much stress are you still under?
whether you will follow my recommendations.
whether you are committed to changing.

These are the questions we find answers to in the first couple of visits in our office. It takes time for me to get to the answers, however the answers that I receive from our consult, and the examination are instrumental in determining the course we take.
The largest factor truly is this:
How long have you neglected your nervous system?

how long will it take?

For everything there is a season.

-Ecclesiastes III, KJV

There is no process that does not require time.

-BJ Palmer

Time is one of those subjects that your doctor will not want to talk about. Most people, in fact, will try to play into the hands of the consumer with their wishes. Most patients, consumers, and customers want the goods NOW. Sometimes that is possible. Sometimes all it takes is one adjustment, and that individuals life visibly and completely changes. I had that happen just this week. However, more often than not, healing, and therefore changes, take time.

The real question is, “How much time?”.

That depends on how much time it took for you to get in this condition. Notice I said, “condition”. I did not say, “How long have you had the symptom?”. Once the length of time of the condition is discovered, then and only then can an educated answer with regards to time occur.

Fortunately, the body heals faster than it will degenerate. From my experience, the average patient will take 1 month to heal 1 year of condition. Therefore, if the condition is found to have been present for 20 years, then 20 months is healing time. Another fortunate for you, is that what you feel (your symptoms) will clear up much sooner than your healing time.

It takes work (cont.)

Today I would like to talk about the work it would take to determine where you want to go. This topic can be used for a variety of relationships, subjects or activities, however I am talking about the most important thing in your life….your health.
Last post we talked about being brutally honest with yourself. Taking real tests to determine truly how you are functioning. I am not talking about how you feel, or where you think your health resides. I am talking about real tests, and measurements of health. With that being said, if you have not read my prior post, please do so now.
OK, let’s get started.
When I speak on where you can go, I am describing potential. Potential is one of those words that gives me the chills. The good chills, the ones that make you sit back in your chair and really ponder the possibilities. Possibilities. There is another word that gives me the same feeling. If you don’t have that reaction, then you have not seen enough “miracles”. You see, potential or possibilities only happen if they are conceived first in the mind. It is the thought that changes it all.

So, you’re saying there is a chance.

Man is nothing without their thought. The spark that originates in a part of the body that has never been found, the mind. We assume that the mind resides in the brain, and therefore is able to carry out the transmission of the thought into action via the nervous system. That is where it all starts…in the mind. Then what happens? Work.
If you are one of the many in this world that has given up on the possibilities of a healthier life, you have literally limited your life. If you know someone that is healthier than you, then you know that it is possible. You, nor I, were put on this planet to suffer. Chances are, you are selling yourself short. Yes, there is potential, however it takes work.

It takes work

It takes work to get what you want. Sometimes it takes work to just get what you need. If health and happiness is what you seek, then it would stand to reason that it will take some work. How much work depends on two things:
1-Where you are.
2-Where you want to go.
In the most brutally honest fashion, it is imperative that a reality check occur on a regular basis. I suggest you use real, hardcore data to determine where you are. I use a few measures to tell me where I am, here are a couple that if not utilized, take precedent immediately:
1-Insight Subluxation Station- The nervous system controls every function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Therefore, it would stand to reason that a healthy nervous system is vitally important as a measure of your health.
2-X-rays- Provide a picture of the condition of your spine. A healthy spine = a healthy nervous system. If there is degeneration present, then the amount of degeneration negatively affects your true health and happiness.
We’ll talk more about where you want to go next time.
Until then, find out where you are with your health. No excuses, reasons, complaining, or justifying allowed. Be honest with yourself. It takes work, however you will have a starting point…then and only then can change occur.