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Does chiropractic help with..?

This type of question is a very common question and leads to A LOT of confusion. Let me explain:

“Does chiropractic fix sciatica? My friend said that you cured her.”

Here is the honest answer: NO! Chiropractic does not fix sciatica. YOU are the one that cures or fixes sciatica, or anything for that matter.

Wait, what?

At Adjust, we understand that we are not the ones that cure or fix any illness, symptom, or condition (with one exception). You have within you a healing ability that as a doctor, I have ZERO control over. The only “help” that I give as a chiropractor is by removing interference to this intelligent healing ability you possess.

So, will sciatica be cured or fixed if your subluxations are removed? Quite honestly, it happens very often, however I really can’t say for sure! However, if I find a subluxation in your spine, which means that there is interference to the natural healing capabilities that you possess, and I remove this subluxation, you will have the best chance possible to heal. That is what we do. That is what makes our profession unique, and that is exactly why people with all types of conditions come to us at Adjust.


All diseases, all conditions, all symptoms have a better opportunity to resolve if the interference is removed to this healing mechanism within you. For years many have struggled to name “it”. Many professions know and testify that “it” exists, however have no name for “it”. Health professions worldwide constantly see the result of it’s work, the healing that occurs with no help from practitioner. This is what continues to confuse almost every health profession, with one exception: Chiropractic.

Chiropractors call “it”: INNATE INTELLIGENCE.

Innate= Inside

Intelligence= “It” knows how to heal you better than anything man has ever created. Knowing how much drug to place where, and when to reabsorb it. It knows how much oxygen to place into the blood, it knows what to do with that Twinkie you ate for snack yesterday. So we call it “intelligent” because of our understanding of it’s information and instructions it seems to carry out that we still fail to comprehend. Luckily, we don’t have to!


We do not need to know exactly how or where Innate Intelligence is doing it’s work. We just simply need to remove interference from the impulse it sends through the message highway we call the nervous system. When this interference is removed, Innate Intelligence is able to express it’s wishes for the betterment of it’s host: you.

So, next time wondering if chiropractic can cure or fix a disease or a symptom, remember that chiropractors work WITH Innate Intelligence so that the body may perform at it’s peak. This is the condition that we wish to create in every individual that we care for: A reduction of interference so that your Innate Intelligence may perform it’s actions without obstruction.



As the 4th of July approaches, I am reminded of the grit, hard-work, vision, and hope that many had to give. These values have given us the freedom we experience today.

In reality, that is all that man has ever wanted from the beginning of time..

Freedom to live a life of our own choosing.

Thank you for allowing us to help you live your life of freedom and independence this Fourth of July. Our wish for you this holiday is that you spend quality time with family and friends. We pray that you are free to pursue your wishes for a restful, peaceful day.


In Awe of Innate Intelligence

In Awe of Innate Intelligence

I just recently experienced my first fracture. I was diagnosed with an avulsion fracture in my ankle. An avulsion fracture is where the tip of a bone (where ligaments attach) pulls off in an extreme stretch in the area. Left behind is a piece of bone that can sometimes cause issues, depending what happens to it. I was informed that if I treated it properly, it would likely heal on its own. (Of course that is one of the functions of innate intelligence) Healing on its own is usually seen as the bone re-attaching to where it broke off, or re-absorbing into the body.

Isn’t it amazing to see a little glimpse of what the intelligence of the body can do? Of course, I had a job to do as well:

It wasn’t easy, mentally, to do the following for 4 1/2 weeks:

  • Non-wight bearing for 21 days
  • Wear a boot 24 hours a day to keep the ankle at 90 degrees.
  • Ice 20 minutes at a time 5-7 times a day or more.
  • Use a scooter or crutches to get around.
  • Take a nutritional protocol.

However, Innate intelligence had the largest task: To heal. The individual supports the processes. I have no idea how innate intelligence re-absorbs the bone in 4 weeks. Living creatures, like myself, do not need to know how to grow bone, re-absorb bone, or heal the area. Our job is simply to support the healing process in the best way possible. In my case, give it time to heal and follow some pretty simple processes.


What did you just say?

What did you just say?

Do you ever get 5 minutes into a conversation until you realize that you and the other individual are talking about something completely different? This is sorta what happened to me the other day, except it happened on a blog. Let me explain..

The subject of the blog was how the CDC is scaring the population with regards to the Ebola Virus. The blog went on to say that Ebola virus has been over-hyped, it is not as dangerous as everyone has stated, and that we should probably focus more on mosquito transmitted diseases.

From a pure “how relevant is ebola” standpoint, I completely agree. However, then the author hit us with this gem:
“The alternative crowd is in on the scare touting potions and lotions to protect the human population from Ebola as well. In fact, they believe that humans were meant to be healthy, and if they are not healthy, something is interfering with this natural normal health state. This is completely wrong. We are a weak species, easily killed by small diseases, viruses, and insignificant traumas all the time.”

As I read that last couple of sentences, I could not help to think, “what is wrong with this guy.” He really things we are a weak species! He is oblivious to the fact that there are more human beings on the planet than ever before. While other creatures become extinct, we thrive in any environment. From Alaska to the Sahara desert, human beings can and do live on, in an environment that seems to be ever-changing. As far as
“insignificant traumas”, I guess the term “insignificant” is up for debate. However, I can personally state that I have seen some pretty significant traumas that people walk away from. Just watching 15 minutes of America’s Funniest Videos is all the research you should need for this. LOL

The entire foundation of what chiropractic believes is based on this premise:
“You were meant to be healthy.”
So naturally, I jumped from my computer when I saw the words “We are a weak species..” Of course we are not built with armor on our backs like a Rhino. Nor are we built with thick hair on our chests like bears in the winter months. However, we are supplied with a brain to help us take care of ourselves. One thing your brain does is to help you reason. It is this reason that has and will continue to make the human race the most advanced living thing on this planet. We don’t need the armor, we can create it. We don’t need to fly, we can build it and fly it. We don’t need to lift 10,000 lbs with our hands, we can build a crane to do that with a touch of a button.

Most importantly, we were NOT put on this planet to suffer, nor should we. YOU are meant to be healthy. Quite honestly, any thought otherwise is a pretty distorted view of life.

What do you think? Let me know!

Healthy or sick?

Our bodies have an amazing ability: adaptation.

Adaptation means that you (without thinking about it much) are able to change to suit the conditions of the environment. Take the simplest of adaptation signs: shivering.

Assuming the temperature drops (as it did just this morning here), your body uses sensors that sense this temperature change. This information is then sent along the communication pathway within your body to  alert your control system that temperature has dropped. The control system then makes a CHANGE to react to this temperature drop. In this case, you shiver. A shiver allows the muscles to contract and relax to the point where you actually warm up your body through your muscular system. This simple act can make your body increase in temperature enough to prolong your survival.

This is just one example of adaptation within you. We all adapt, some better than others, to “stuff” going on in our environment. Which brings up a very important question. The answer to this question can literally stifle a nation’s healthcare system if answered incorrectly:

How do we know if our symptoms are a proper adaptation response (healthy), or signs that our body is not adapting properly (sick)?

I’d love to know your thoughts! Submit them here.


Dr. Mix

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