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Every Child Checked by 5 years old

Everyone wants to make a difference.  The key is to use your talents to get this done.  Here’s my chance:

I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the best chiropractors in the world this weekend, and their families.  I always love seeing the children of chiropractic.  These are the kids that have been checked by their chiropractic moms and dads since birth, as my son has been.  This time, however, I sat back and observed these bright, healthy kids.  It hit me square in the head:  I realized that this was the key to a healthier society tomorrow.

If every child, before the age of 5, was checked by a Chiropractor, the future health of our nation would be substantially better.

Why children?

-By 5 years of age, the degeneration process has not set in.

-At this age, kids are less likely to be labeled as ADHD, therefore are on less medications.

-less medications = less care needed by Chiropractors, allowing the Chiropractic profession to handle the care of this group.

-Who doesn’t want their kids checked for a clear nerve system?

-Any interference to the natural, inborn, innate intelligence of a 5 year old child is easily correctable before major damage occurs in a majority of the cases.

So, there it is.  A huge undertaking.  A simple chiropractic check-up, with extreme ramifications for the future of our society.

Matthew M Mix, DC