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Lent is done!

Lent is done!

Lent is over, now what?

Due to my Catholic roots, I enjoy giving up something that is unhealthy for Lent. If you give up the right thing, it is a healthy change and a good way to test self-control. But, what happens after Lent?

After you are off the hook from your religious requirements, what happens to that unhealthy habit?

Is the habit a vice or an indulgence?

If I can honestly say that my habit is a vice, basically that it takes me away from what is truly important in my life, then it has to go. Sometimes removing yourself for 6 weeks from something just to see the result is well worth it to your overall health.

One thing I will never go without is a clear and healthy nerve system, and neither will my family for that matter. With this, you can and will adapt much better to your lifestyle, vices and all. It doesn’t mean the habits can be ignored. You should minimize as much stress to your body as you can. What I am saying is simply this:

A break from habits is a good thing. However, don’t forget the follow up that must be had to properly asses the damage after AND don’t forget what helps you adapt to these habits.

Isn’t that normal?

Often, a 35-50 year old individual, whom initially enters my office, believes that it is normal to feel fatigue midday. They chalk it up to kids, age, stress at work, spousal issues, etc. No doubt, there will always be times when stress will get us down.

However, regular fatigue by 2pm is not normal at all. Fatigue is the body’s way of trying to get you to slow down. Honestly, most of us in our current work environments are not really working as hard as we use to 500 years ago. If you are hunting for 6 hours, walking and running great distances to catch your food, a midday nap is acceptable. However, if your workday consists of simple chores around the house, some computer work, checking emails, and running a couple of errands, then you should have plenty of energy left for the afternoon.

This message you are receiving from your body is this: you are not recovering properly. I have found these are the 3 most likely reasons:

  1. Your immune system is working too hard.
  2. Your adrenal glands are overworked (often noticed by poor quality sleep).
  3. Your digestion is not properly assimilating the nutrients as it should.

So what to do? Do we take more vitamins, drink more coffee, step it up to a Monster Energy? Um….no. For long-term, positively-affecting-health changes try this:

  1. Work on your ability to adapt. This is what it means to not recover properly. I talk about this on YouTube. Check it out here.
  2. Take time to consider the power of your innate intelligence. 
  3. Get adjusted. Your ability to handle stress properly is directly proportional to the health of your spine and nerve system. Find a chiropractor that measures your nerve system, utilizes pure chiropractic techniques and has an understanding of your health goals.

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