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spark of life

What if we took for granted the most precious of gifts?

It is very EASY to get bogged down in the day-to-day requirements of living in a world that moves faster every day. Usually, there are time crunches that require us to focus on minute details, and it is necessary to realize the purpose of all the work.


This video shows the exact moment a sperm unites with an egg. The bigger the spark, the healthier the organism. So, maybe realizing that there was a fireworks display at your birth, should help you understand that your life was a gift…now unwrap it.

day one

Today I had the opportunity to check the nerve system of a 1 day old. This is always one of the most humbling experiences as a chiropractor. To know that I am working with the Innate of a newborn, is awesome. To see the wiggle, as the spine moves to a more comfortable position, to experience the tense brow right before the interference is removed, and then to see a relaxed face, near a smile as the adjustment takes effect on the imprisoned impulse within this new child…is as close to heaven as I can imagine.
Welcome to the world, Isaac. The best gift I can give is a freely functioning nerve system on day one. It will serve you well.