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Have you ever seen horse blinders?  At Mardi Gras time, almost every horse has them.  The goal is to keep the horse focused on the path in front…directly in front of the horse.  The other goal is to not allow distractions from the people on the outside.  Unfortunately, situations on the sides need to be seen.

I’m going to say something that you really need to be ready for.  Based on the people who I come into contact on a regular basis….and it matters not which country I am in.  I have been in the poorest of countries, and the best of neighborhoods, and I see massive blinding.  So here is the blinding that is hurting your health:

The fundamental incorrect belief that you need pills, lotions, and other “stuff” to be healthy.

Let that sink in for a little bit.  Then ask yourself whether or not you are happy with your current level of health.

There is a better way.  All healing happens inside.  You don’t need a thing to be healthy….you just need no interruption to the naturally healthy you.

See www.adjustchiro.com for more information.  Take off the blinders now, your health depends on it.

Matthew M Mix, DC