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adding and taking away

Have you ever seen the work that goes into a really good cup of cappuccino? I once visited an establishment, and had the best cup that I have ever experienced. Nothing was needed to add, or take away from the 6 oz that was served to me. In fact, adding anything would have changed the creation of the artist. There simply was no way to make this cup of coffee lover’s nectar to a better cappuccino. The artist in this fine establishment was a machine valued at $20,000. That’s right, a machine to create a cup of coffee, cost 20K.Thank goodness they expected the life of this machine to last a while, or my coffee could have been pretty expensive!

It reminds me of the human body. Except, we were not created by a machine. We know that the human body is a complex thing. It can self heal, self regulate, and then produce another. Much more impressive than a cup of coffee! Yet, with this cup of cappuccino I had in my hand, I truly respected the “artist” that could create it’s wonderful taste.

When is the last time that you truly appreciated all of yourself? Better yet, do you respect the artist by not adding, or taking away pieces to try to manipulate a different outcome?

Going deeper into this subject would truly add or take away from the subject manner. I suggest that you take a step back and look at your life, your beautiful body, and decide right now whether there is room for the artist to truly work.