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Don’t settle, son.

Little_league_baseball_buntI was drafted to the All-star Baseball team year after year for my defensive play. However, it was a few years into my baseball years when my dad thought I needed to be “straightened up”. I had gotten lazy, I became content with not being a great batter. My batting skills were absolutely terrible. “Who cares”, I thought. After all, I was making the All-star team without need of hitting the ball. It was then that dad said these 2 words that I think about to this day, “Don’t settle, son.”

Today, I have been thinking about these words with my patients often. Unfortunately, many people sell themselves way too short. So, here is my recommendation if you have found yourself settling:

1- Don’t settle for a life lived at any less than 100%. You are the only one that knows if you are holding anything back.

2- Don’t settle for a CoreScore less than a 90. Your nerve-system can be measured. If it is measuring poorly, get back on track with your chiropractic care.

3- Don’t settle for a level of health that holds you back from enjoying time with your kids. I have never felt like it was a bad decision to play with my son. Get your health where it needs to be to make this a reality every time.

4- Don’t settle for a smaller dream. Your dream is your dream. It is yours for a reason, make it happen or you will find a hole in your life that can not be filled with inaction.

Make it a great week, and comment to let me know what you plan to not settle on!