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Intelligence is number one

Your life experience is determined by your innate intelligence, through your nerve system. Literally, without the intelligent innate intelligence that we all posses, the pieces of what we see in the mirror, or under a microscope are useless. We are more than the parts could ever be. So, let’s not say terms like, “the body heals itself.” It doesn’t. The body is nothing without the intelligence that resides within it.

Do we know exactly how it all works? Of course not.

Knowing the details of how my smart phone work is not important for me in order to be able to utilize the device for my benefit. The same can be said about your innate intelligence.

Why does this matter? Well, words have meaning. Denying the existence of an intelligent design could allow you to make decisions that are not in your best interest…or worse yet, not in the best interest of a loved one.baby hand