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death, defined.

How do you measure death?

This may be a subject you are not use to thinking about, and neither am I. Usually my blog posts are about life, health and full human potential. However, in order to fully appreciate life, it is important to understand death.

In the past, death was determined by breath. If someone was no longer breathing, then they were considered dead. Of course, their were stories that people had a string tied to a bell outside of the grave so that if the individual “came to”, then someone would come to the rescue. I guess every now and then, someone was actually buried alive.

Later on, it was deemed necessary to listen to the heart. If the heartbeat could not be heard, then that person was deemed “expired”. Makes sense, however what if you had someone with a very faint heartbeat. That mixed with someone hard of hearing, and you would need that bell!

Today, it is widely accepted that death means no nerve system function. Why does this make sense? Your nerve system is the master control for your entire body. Without a nerve system, life is impossible, and ringing that bell at your graveside would prove to be impossible too!

Knowing this, wouldn’t make sense to keep your nerve system healthy? Of course it would, and many do everyday. You can function without a perfectly clear nerve system, however you can’t function well. This is why chiropractors strive to keep your nerve system without interference throughout your entire life.

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Don’t settle, son.

Little_league_baseball_buntI was drafted to the All-star Baseball team year after year for my defensive play. However, it was a few years into my baseball years when my dad thought I needed to be “straightened up”. I had gotten lazy, I became content with not being a great batter. My batting skills were absolutely terrible. “Who cares”, I thought. After all, I was making the All-star team without need of hitting the ball. It was then that dad said these 2 words that I think about to this day, “Don’t settle, son.”

Today, I have been thinking about these words with my patients often. Unfortunately, many people sell themselves way too short. So, here is my recommendation if you have found yourself settling:

1- Don’t settle for a life lived at any less than 100%. You are the only one that knows if you are holding anything back.

2- Don’t settle for a CoreScore less than a 90. Your nerve-system can be measured. If it is measuring poorly, get back on track with your chiropractic care.

3- Don’t settle for a level of health that holds you back from enjoying time with your kids. I have never felt like it was a bad decision to play with my son. Get your health where it needs to be to make this a reality every time.

4- Don’t settle for a smaller dream. Your dream is your dream. It is yours for a reason, make it happen or you will find a hole in your life that can not be filled with inaction.

Make it a great week, and comment to let me know what you plan to not settle on!


It takes work (cont.)

Today I would like to talk about the work it would take to determine where you want to go. This topic can be used for a variety of relationships, subjects or activities, however I am talking about the most important thing in your life….your health.
Last post we talked about being brutally honest with yourself. Taking real tests to determine truly how you are functioning. I am not talking about how you feel, or where you think your health resides. I am talking about real tests, and measurements of health. With that being said, if you have not read my prior post, please do so now.
OK, let’s get started.
When I speak on where you can go, I am describing potential. Potential is one of those words that gives me the chills. The good chills, the ones that make you sit back in your chair and really ponder the possibilities. Possibilities. There is another word that gives me the same feeling. If you don’t have that reaction, then you have not seen enough “miracles”. You see, potential or possibilities only happen if they are conceived first in the mind. It is the thought that changes it all.

So, you’re saying there is a chance.

Man is nothing without their thought. The spark that originates in a part of the body that has never been found, the mind. We assume that the mind resides in the brain, and therefore is able to carry out the transmission of the thought into action via the nervous system. That is where it all starts…in the mind. Then what happens? Work.
If you are one of the many in this world that has given up on the possibilities of a healthier life, you have literally limited your life. If you know someone that is healthier than you, then you know that it is possible. You, nor I, were put on this planet to suffer. Chances are, you are selling yourself short. Yes, there is potential, however it takes work.



We need food within 40 days.
We need water within 4 days.
We need air within 4 minutes.
We need a nerve system every second of our lives.

I prefer my food organic, free of chemicals.
I prefer my water pure, free of contaminates.
I prefer my air clean, free of pollutants.
I prefer my nerve system clear, free of interference.

We chiros keep your nerve system clear, it’s just that simple.


Your experience, whether you are happy with your experience or not, is taking place through your nerve system.  At this very moment you are reading the words, not with your eyes, but with your nerve system.  Yes, your eyes see the image, however without a brain and a functional nerve system, the words on this page would make no sense whatsoever.  Sometimes just thinking about these small things we are able to do…can make one understand how so intricately mastered we are.

  • Without the eye, we can not see.
  • Without the nerve system, the eye is useless.

Doesn’t it make sense to keep our nerve system as healthy as possible?  Your entire experience counts on it.