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Wide Awake

Do you participate in activities at work, school, and at home? Are you involved, really involved, in the life of your children? At the end of the day, are you fully exhausted, knowing that you gave your all, with nothing left to give?
My favorite part of a sporting event is the very end. The last play in the basketball game. A real nail biter, where the time is going away, and the underdog has the ball. It’s that moment when you know the whole game is hinged on the next shot. Everyone gets involved in this last shot. Everyone on the court is truly involved in this play. You will see the absolute best of every individual at that moment. Whether defense or offense, everyone is fully participating to the best of their abilities…wide awake.
Imagine if you had the energy, the focus, the determination to be wide awake at the precise thing that you wished to make better in your life. Whether you feel you are coming up short at work, or at home, we want you wide awake.
Look to your nervous system first. We were meant to be wide awake. Today, I see more people that are disconnected than ever before. It’s time to function the way that we were designed to function. Turn on your nervous system with chiropractic care, and live the life you were meant to live…wide awake.


How much will it take..
to be healthier?
to make a change?
to see the change?
to feel the change?
to heal?
It depends on..
how long has your health been neglected?
how much stress have you undergone?
how much stress are you still under?
whether you will follow my recommendations.
whether you are committed to changing.

These are the questions we find answers to in the first couple of visits in our office. It takes time for me to get to the answers, however the answers that I receive from our consult, and the examination are instrumental in determining the course we take.
The largest factor truly is this:
How long have you neglected your nervous system?

It takes work

It takes work to get what you want. Sometimes it takes work to just get what you need. If health and happiness is what you seek, then it would stand to reason that it will take some work. How much work depends on two things:
1-Where you are.
2-Where you want to go.
In the most brutally honest fashion, it is imperative that a reality check occur on a regular basis. I suggest you use real, hardcore data to determine where you are. I use a few measures to tell me where I am, here are a couple that if not utilized, take precedent immediately:
1-Insight Subluxation Station- The nervous system controls every function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Therefore, it would stand to reason that a healthy nervous system is vitally important as a measure of your health.
2-X-rays- Provide a picture of the condition of your spine. A healthy spine = a healthy nervous system. If there is degeneration present, then the amount of degeneration negatively affects your true health and happiness.
We’ll talk more about where you want to go next time.
Until then, find out where you are with your health. No excuses, reasons, complaining, or justifying allowed. Be honest with yourself. It takes work, however you will have a starting point…then and only then can change occur.


No one knows what you are really experiencing at this moment right now.  There is no one that can truly “feel your pain”.  The truth is that we all experience life through our nervous system.  Without a properly functioning nervous system, our perceptions are literally skewed.  Chiropractors see this phenomenon in their office all the time.  The demeanor of the patient from day one to 6 weeks later.  Are they in a better mood because they are starting to feel better? Sure, however there is so much more to it than that.

As your nervous system works at a higher and higher rate, you are able to experience life at a higher level.  What was perceived as a poor situation, is now seen as an opportunity for growth.

Matthew M Mix, DC