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Tone and health

More than 100 years ago, D.D. Palmer (the very first chiropractor) understood that the normal tone of the human body was altered when someone was sick. His huge amounts of educational work in the study of the human body led him to the understanding of health founded on TONE:

A subluxation is an interruption of the normal tone in the nerve system. When subluxations are detected and corrected, the human body will experience better health.

The easy way to understand tone is to look at a guitar. What makes the sound of the guitar? Being a great guitar player comes down to one thing: tightening and loosening the strings. This changes the tone of the guitar, and makes the sounds you hear.

So, really a chiropractor is not much different. We tighten and loosen the nervous system by adjusting. The results of this can and have been researched widely for over 100 years now. In fact, many chiropractors can measure before and after effects of your nerve system in their office in minutes.

It all comes down to this, when you are tuned properly, you will experience better health.