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Wearing many hats

It’s amazing to me how many people on social media use it to push their multi-level marketing products.  The people I am talking about are ones that already have another job, that should require quite a bit of attention.  There are plenty of examples of this, however to put it an easy-to-understand observation, let me explain my concern.

I would never utilize a…

Dentist that also sells weight loss products,

Podiatrist that sells Viagra,

Optometrist that sells hair gel,

Plumber that sells nutritional supplements,

Realtor that sells furniture,

_____(insert your profession here)_____, that sells_____(insert a non-similar product or service here)____.

I have no problem if you have multiple businesses, I think it is great that people choose to work for a living, and some of them work quite a lot.  Usually, however these individuals are unsuccessful at their primary job, so they move their attention away from it, and towards something else.  Instead, maybe the course of action should be to:

Find your passion, then learn how to make it your life’s work.

I’ll tell you mine…  I am passionate about Chiropractic.  I have experienced the results for myself personally, and I have seen Chiropractic literally change lives.  It is therefore my life’s mission to help so many people through Chiropractic care, that I put Bastrop on the map as the healthiest community in Texas.

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