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Choose for yourself

Choose for yourself

“Success demands singleness of purpose.”  -Vince Lombardi

One can assume that Coach Lombardi was referring to success on the football field. However, I believe that success in all aspects of life (in this case health) can be tracked to a specific purpose that certain actions are being made. Let me explain deeper.

I often have patients ask me how long I think it will take for them to feel better, or get over a certain diseased state. The interesting thing about the answer I give, is that my best answer must always involve knowing the individual’s purpose for seeking my care initially. Unfortunately, most have not really thought through their purpose intentionally.

So, what is your purpose for living a healthier life? Do you want to feel better, or do you want to be able to experience life at a greater level? Either way, there is no wrong or right answer, it is completely YOUR purpose. However, we should be careful. If you do not choose your own purpose, someone will choose it for you.

In this case, the outcome is that of the chooser…and you may not be the one that stood up for what you want!