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As the year is closing in, it is time to reflect on those accomplishments, and pitfalls of 2013.
What can we celebrate from the year?
What went right?
What risk did I take?
Did the risk payoff?
What didn’t pay off?
Did it not work out because I took a risk? or
Did it not work because I gave up in some way?

Huge questions, I know. However if you are interested in growing, evolving, becoming a better version of yourself, these are really important questions to ask. Personally, I find that it is human tendency to focus on the negative, the loss, or the challenges. That’s absolutely ok, if it drives me. However, if it causes me to stop growing and evolving, then I have truly wasted time.
Time is the most precious commodity, of which can never be returned. Use it wisely.


It’s time to think about resolutions and planning 2013.  Where do we want to go, to do, or become next year.  Most of us make plans, and they fall to the side around Valentine’s Day.  So, I thought this year would be a good idea to think about it in advance.

Instead of a resolution like this:

I want to lose 15 pounds.

How about a resolution like this:

I choose to cut 15 pounds of fat off of my body by May 1st.  I choose to participate in this resolution, because:

-My health is worth it.

-My kids will see that I care about myself, and will set a good example for them.

-My significant other will be tempted to join in on my resolution.

I will cut the 15 pounds by:

-Eating clean, per the no-chemical rules.

-Exercising as my body was designed.

-Keeping my nerve system clear per my Chiropractor’s instructions.