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Selfishness can be a virtue. Selfishness is essential for survival, and without survival, we can not protect those whom we love more than ourselves. -Duke Ellington

Everytime I fly, I am reminded of this. It is stated right before the plane leaves the tarmac, and many do not realize the importance. In case of emergency, you are to place the oxygen mask over yourself first, then your children.

You can not take care of others, until you are safe, and healthy to take care of them.

There are times when our bodies are sending us messages. We often ignore these messages to take care of our children, our parents, or our loved ones. If we don’t soon pay attention to ourselves, and be a little selfish, then we will never be able to take care of our loved ones the way we would like.

The only question is this: How late do you plan to wait to take care of your health? Most that I meet have waited way too long. Selfishness at times is essential, your loved ones will thank you later.

Matthew M Mix, DC