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Who knows best?

How do we know when we are sick?

Who determines whether your body is doing what it should be doing (healthy), or if it is out of control (sick)?

By out of control, who or what is in control of our body and it’s functions?

As a Chiropractor, we refer to the “in control who or what” as Innate Intelligence.  Innate Intelligence, or II for short, is that “thing” inside all of us that calls the shots.  With all my education, I have no idea how to turn a Twinkie into energy, and  I can not regulate my own blood pressure for the proper activities.  So, if it were up to my “educated mind” to keep me alive and healthy….I would fail.

Therefore, how do I know when I am really healthy or sick?  Fevers are used to kill harmful invaders in my body…a natural immune response.  Vomiting is a way to get “bad stuff” out of my body, as does diarrhea.

Instead of second guessing our II, try supporting it with things that we KNOW that are good and healthy.  Let’s not jump the gun on whether we THINK we need to lower that fever, or take a pill to induce a response from our body.  Until man is smarter than II, there is no reason to second guess it….support it!

Matthew M Mix, DC

simplicity Pt 2

So, maybe I made it a little too simple last post. That can happen, right? One can make things really too simple.

Definition of simplicity:  Freedom from complexity.

Wow, that sounds nice! What in your life is really too complicated right now?  Is it contributing TO your life as you want it, as you dreamed it would be?

Let’s make the choice to simplify the complex. If it is real, if it is important, and if it makes life better, it will be simple.

Matthew M Mix, DC




Sometimes we try to make things harder than they actually are.  Why is it really necessary to know exactly how your nerve system works, in order to know that it should be interference free?

Usually the questions that we have about advice from a licensed professional are really not about the questions at all.

My guess is that the advice you hear may not be “easy”.  However, we must remind ourselves that if we would like to keep the results that we are presently experiencing from the health advice we have taken until now, then no work at all is required.

Matthew M Mix, DC