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Do you know someone that makes “things” more complex than necessary? Personally, I have found myself making this mistake as well. In fact, just last month I was sent out on the task of picking out a bottle of wine for dinner. Sounds simple, however I sure made this task more of a chore:

What food are we eating?

How “nice” of a wine am I suppose to choose?

What wine needs to be consumed first? (Is one going to spoil faster, if I choose the wrong one?)

Which wine will everyone enjoy, not just myself?

WOW! I completely over-analyzed the simple task of just picking a wine. 45 minutes later, the dinner is getting cold, and I am more confused than I was initially. Why do we sometimes feel overwhelmed with a simple task? The answer is going to be very simple, so don’t over-analyze it…

Simplicity sometimes makes us think we are missing something.

However, one can overcome this aggravating trait, by doing the following 2 steps:

1-Understand the source. Example: If I tell you that a nerve that is interfered with is causing your decreased health, I am making a very simple statement. However, one should understand the complexity that allowed me to get to that statement. Here is just a part of that complexity: There are billions of messages that are constantly being transmitted over miles and miles of nerve connections, and space between those nerve connections. This highway of nerve “talk” works really well, however there is something called a subluxation. A subluxation interferes with the normal transmission of “talk”. The “talk” is vitally important…it is what keeps you alive, reproducing, digesting, thinking, acting, and any other -ing. 

2-Just choose. Without a choice at all, there is a 100% chance that nothing will change. Example: My wife wants wine. She did not ask for it in 45 minutes. Get my drift?

In time you will see that simplicity in action allows for a better life experience. Try it out!

simplicity Pt 2

So, maybe I made it a little too simple last post. That can happen, right? One can make things really too simple.

Definition of simplicity:  Freedom from complexity.

Wow, that sounds nice! What in your life is really too complicated right now?  Is it contributing TO your life as you want it, as you dreamed it would be?

Let’s make the choice to simplify the complex. If it is real, if it is important, and if it makes life better, it will be simple.

Matthew M Mix, DC