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Listening or Speaking?

It seems to me that more often than not, a person will follow their:

brain instead of their heart
intellect instead of their gut
educated mind instead of their innate mind
other’s opinions instead of their inner wisdom

All too often, we take other’s opinions and agree with whatever sounds good to us at that time. Like a balloon blowing in the wind, whichever gust blows the hardest, is the direction we take. Whomever speaks the loudest gets our attention. Unfortunately, the ones that tend to speak the loudest in the “healthcare” field, are those that have the most money.

I strive to guide my patients to a land of rational thought. The place where you think for yourself. Education is used as a reference point, understanding that there is no substitute to real world testing. We give research and information on health, and let you draw your own conclusion.

I don’t want to perpetuate the follower attitude. I want you to think for yourself. Of course you will know my opinion, and I believe I earn my patient’s trust…however true understanding and change in paradigm, with regards to true healthcare, has to be found on your own.

Matthew M Mix, DC