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Top shelf

In Texas, when you order a Margarita, the opportunities for that Margarita are endless.  You can order it many different ways, however there will usually be an option for “top-shelf”.  For a long time, I had no idea what this meant, other than I would have to pay more for my cool beverage splurge.  Then, one day I was spoiled forever.

It was  couples date for dinner.  My wife and I were trying to decide what the appetizer should be for us off the menu, which is always the hardest thing to decide with our completely different palates.  My buddy looks at the waitress, and with no hesitation says, “Margarita, top-shelf”.  At first, I was a little taken back.  It was the first time my wife and I had met “this new girlfriend of his”, and maybe it was his way of showing off a little.  In an attempt to not look like a cheapskate, of course I followed suit.

What proceeded to arrive, was nothing short of extraordinary.  We received special glasses, as well as a special shaker for the Margarita to be poured from.  The waitress delivered it to our table, like we had ordered Baked Alaska.  “What a show!” I thought to myself, however acting cool, like this sort of thing happened all the time to me.  The taste of the Margarita was the best I had ever had.  “No more sour, awkward gut-wrenching tastes for me!”  The Margarita in my mind had forever changed.  What an experience.  Isn’t this a huge part of life…the experience?

This is the kind of experience I now look for everywhere in my life.  Why would you want to live a life of bottom-shelf?  I want my food top-shelf.  I want my health to be top-shelf, and I expect my chiropractic care to be top-shelf.  Life is just too short to live any other way.

Chiropractic care helps you live your life top-shelf.

Matthew M Mix, DC