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It takes work (cont.)

Today I would like to talk about the work it would take to determine where you want to go. This topic can be used for a variety of relationships, subjects or activities, however I am talking about the most important thing in your life….your health.
Last post we talked about being brutally honest with yourself. Taking real tests to determine truly how you are functioning. I am not talking about how you feel, or where you think your health resides. I am talking about real tests, and measurements of health. With that being said, if you have not read my prior post, please do so now.
OK, let’s get started.
When I speak on where you can go, I am describing potential. Potential is one of those words that gives me the chills. The good chills, the ones that make you sit back in your chair and really ponder the possibilities. Possibilities. There is another word that gives me the same feeling. If you don’t have that reaction, then you have not seen enough “miracles”. You see, potential or possibilities only happen if they are conceived first in the mind. It is the thought that changes it all.

So, you’re saying there is a chance.

Man is nothing without their thought. The spark that originates in a part of the body that has never been found, the mind. We assume that the mind resides in the brain, and therefore is able to carry out the transmission of the thought into action via the nervous system. That is where it all starts…in the mind. Then what happens? Work.
If you are one of the many in this world that has given up on the possibilities of a healthier life, you have literally limited your life. If you know someone that is healthier than you, then you know that it is possible. You, nor I, were put on this planet to suffer. Chances are, you are selling yourself short. Yes, there is potential, however it takes work.

It takes work

It takes work to get what you want. Sometimes it takes work to just get what you need. If health and happiness is what you seek, then it would stand to reason that it will take some work. How much work depends on two things:
1-Where you are.
2-Where you want to go.
In the most brutally honest fashion, it is imperative that a reality check occur on a regular basis. I suggest you use real, hardcore data to determine where you are. I use a few measures to tell me where I am, here are a couple that if not utilized, take precedent immediately:
1-Insight Subluxation Station- The nervous system controls every function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Therefore, it would stand to reason that a healthy nervous system is vitally important as a measure of your health.
2-X-rays- Provide a picture of the condition of your spine. A healthy spine = a healthy nervous system. If there is degeneration present, then the amount of degeneration negatively affects your true health and happiness.
We’ll talk more about where you want to go next time.
Until then, find out where you are with your health. No excuses, reasons, complaining, or justifying allowed. Be honest with yourself. It takes work, however you will have a starting point…then and only then can change occur.

All in, all done?

Recently I was watching a favorite show in our home called, “Storage Wars”. I assume the interest in the show is to see, without actually getting dirty, what someone would pay to store. Then, as though their “stuff” isn’t worth anything, someone will stop paying the monthly storage fees, and let it all go to auction.

Last night there was an episode in which it was obvious to see what was in the unit. It was filled with motorcycle parts, mainly motors. A total of 40 complete motors, ranging from vintage Yamaha, to a newer Harley Davidson were found, along with approximately 20 incomplete motors to use as parts. What a find! So what did the bidders do? I assumed the auction would go for 5K minimum, however this was not the case.

When the bidders were all interviewed, all but one person really saw the value. Everyone else made comments like:
“It looks like a lot of work.”
“My back hurts looking at this.”
“I see a lot of time spent trying to sell this, like a month!”

There was one bidder that saw the value, and he purchased the unit for under 2K. In the end, he was truly the winner. He saw the value, he got it for a reasonable price, and profited over 8K with an immediate sale to a local motorcycle repair shop. In fact, the owner of the motorcycle repair shop agreed to clean out the locker by the end of the day, himself!

So, what’s to learn?

When given an opportunity, most humans will get lazy and miss out on the huge benefit of the opportunity. I see this in the healthcare business all the time:
“Wow, doc. That looks like a lot of work.”
“I don’t know if I can wake up 15 minutes earlier to come in before work. I’m not a morning person.”
“That’s a long time to get what I want. Can’t I just take a pill?”

Here is the cold hard truth. Sometimes you have to work to get a good outcome. Hard work, money, and time spent doesn’t always mean you will get a great outcome from your investment. However, if you never try I can guarantee that you will NEVER see a great outcome. But, it gets even better than that!

Chiropractic is a lot different than an auction. Chiropractic isn’t a gamble. It is based on time-tested, scientific principles that work. When given the proper alignment to your spine, you will have a healthier nerve system. A healthier nerve system means better sleep, more energy, increased levels of performance, less medications, less allergies, less healthcare dollars spent by your family, and less sick days from work and school (just to name a few).

Sometimes opportunities look like a lot of work, when truly it will add real value to your life, if you give it a chance. Give your health a chance today. It won’t wait around forever. As my favorite auctioneer says, “All in, all done?”