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I have a 2-year-old son that likes to constantly talk.  You really have to be careful what you say around the house.  I was watching the Yankees play the Red Sox this weekend, and as usual, I like to get “involved” in the game.  The new word my son picked up on was: “terrible”.  The rest of the afternoon he was trying to figure out the true definition of the word.  You could hear him using it in sentences, and then looking to my wife and I for approval.   When we disagreed with what he thought was “terrible”, he would move on to another context of the word.  It took him about 5 different tries, and a couple of minutes until he had nailed it.  He was then able to call out “terrible” after every missed Yankee opportunity, the climax being when Derek Jeter missed a easy pop-fly!

It amazes me watching the little guy think.  Then I realized this:

We, as human beings, are born with an inborn need to figure stuff out.  We want to understand.

This need is built into our beings.  I call it our Innate craving.  We all crave the same basic things in life.  The strongest of these is the Innate crave to survive.  Luckily for you, your Innate Intelligence is very good at helping you survive.

And also luckily for you, Chiropractic’s sole purpose is to free up your Innate Intelligence, so that your Innate can do its job!