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the natural order of positivity

20131126-065424.jpgNormally, I am one to blog about positive things. Staying away from the negativity that seems to travel across the social media websites is not always an easy chore. In fact there are ways that I defend myself from this garbage. I’ve been asked to talk about this. More often the real question that presents to me is, “How do you stay so positive all the time.”

You see, just like good health, I see “staying positive” as the natural order of life.

If I am not feeling optimisitic, or positive at any moment, then I know something is interfering with this natural feeling, or state of health. This interfering agent could be many things. I believe the main reason for this feeling in most is a lack of congruency in their lives. (Much more on that subject to come in a future blog).
With that being said,

I also don’t over indulge in things that lead to this negative “arena” of thoughts and processes.

For instance, we know that there are certain people in our lives that are more “negative” than others. I don’t associate with those people. I’ve put a lot of energy in thought about what actions bring about negative emotions…and I stay clear of these actions. One example would be participating in gossip. Sure, in a small town it is always interesting to know who did what with whom…however I also know that this sort of conversation, for me, does not feed my health. I start to feel bad for the one being gossiped about, and I just don’t see anything constructive in this. I also know that the more productive you are, the more people know you, and the more they will talk about you.
I know that in the chiropractic profession, I have many times stated that how you feel is not an important measurement of how healthy you are. This statement still holds true today. However, following your “gut feeling” is extremely important. The more you listen to this feeling, the more you will be directed in the life of less pessimism. Who doesn’t want a little less of that in their lives?


In gossip, there is always a message.  Usually it’s interesting, and hopefully something that the receiver of the message has not heard yet.  The speaker of the message usually does not know the entire story, and even as they say it, there is some doubt that the true meaning of what they are saying is probably not 100% accurate, even to themselves.

A poorly functioning nerve system is like gossip.  There is a  message that is present, however the message is distorted.  Just like any communication, it is important to understand the true meaning of the message before any conclusions are drawn, or actions are carried out.

Your brain is the sender.  When interruptions are present in the communication between your brain and body, you will not get the proper actions.  If those actions involve a healthy immune system, then your body is at a weakened state of defense.

Stop the nerve system gossip by getting your nerve system checked and  interference to it removed as often as your chiropractor deems necessary, if true health is a goal of yours.

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Matthew M Mix, DC