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how long will it take?

For everything there is a season.

-Ecclesiastes III, KJV

There is no process that does not require time.

-BJ Palmer

Time is one of those subjects that your doctor will not want to talk about. Most people, in fact, will try to play into the hands of the consumer with their wishes. Most patients, consumers, and customers want the goods NOW. Sometimes that is possible. Sometimes all it takes is one adjustment, and that individuals life visibly and completely changes. I had that happen just this week. However, more often than not, healing, and therefore changes, take time.

The real question is, “How much time?”.

That depends on how much time it took for you to get in this condition. Notice I said, “condition”. I did not say, “How long have you had the symptom?”. Once the length of time of the condition is discovered, then and only then can an educated answer with regards to time occur.

Fortunately, the body heals faster than it will degenerate. From my experience, the average patient will take 1 month to heal 1 year of condition. Therefore, if the condition is found to have been present for 20 years, then 20 months is healing time. Another fortunate for you, is that what you feel (your symptoms) will clear up much sooner than your healing time.


With knowledge, comes responsibility.

If you had the knowledge of an IN-born, INtelligent, INnate ability of every human being to heal from any and all of life’s colds, flus, aches, diseases, or cancers what would you do with this knowledge?

Wouldn’t it seem reasonable that you would tell all of your friends and family (at least the ones that you care about) about this POWERful “thing” that resides withIN them?

This very thing exists in you. The power to organize, repair, construct, destruct, re-construct is all there. The ability for you to be the absolute best version of YOU is so close within your reach, that it ALMOST seems impossible, too good to be true, or out of grasp.

WithIN all of us is an INnate that is all knowing when it comes to your health and well being. Support this INnate, don’t fight it, cut it, burn it, or drug it.


It’s hard to do.  Whether we trust someone or something ultimately comes by way of our past experiences.  Let’s use a child as an example.  Not many experiences as of yet, depending on the age, so therefore is presented in front of a thing…..and has no reason to not trust it at all.  Children are the perfect example of blind faith.  If you tell a 2-year-old that there is a monster in the closet….they will believe you.

So, let’s see if we can use trust in our lives regarding our health.  You see, I think a lot of people lose trust in their own body’s potential to be healthy.

For example, you sit down in front of a doctor, for the 5th time, regarding the same symptoms that you had the other 4 times.  Your trust is starting to wane at this point, and rightfully so.

However, if you know what your definitions are, then you can trust the process.  So, what’s your definition of health?  Does health require time?  If so, how much time?  Can getting healthy involve symptoms increasing from time to time?

Wow!  These are a lot of questions.  If you have the right definition of health, the questions actually are not that difficult at all.  More importantly, if you know that you know what health really is, then it is easy to trust the process!

More on my definition of health next time, trust me!

Matthew M Mix, DC


Have you ever seen horse blinders?  At Mardi Gras time, almost every horse has them.  The goal is to keep the horse focused on the path in front…directly in front of the horse.  The other goal is to not allow distractions from the people on the outside.  Unfortunately, situations on the sides need to be seen.

I’m going to say something that you really need to be ready for.  Based on the people who I come into contact on a regular basis….and it matters not which country I am in.  I have been in the poorest of countries, and the best of neighborhoods, and I see massive blinding.  So here is the blinding that is hurting your health:

The fundamental incorrect belief that you need pills, lotions, and other “stuff” to be healthy.

Let that sink in for a little bit.  Then ask yourself whether or not you are happy with your current level of health.

There is a better way.  All healing happens inside.  You don’t need a thing to be healthy….you just need no interruption to the naturally healthy you.

See www.adjustchiro.com for more information.  Take off the blinders now, your health depends on it.

Matthew M Mix, DC


Who you hang out with has an undeniable effect on what you morph into.  We are constantly changing.  By this I mean in all aspects.  You are not the person that you were at the beginning of this blog.  Physically you have already had cells die, and others born to take their place.  As you read this blog, your brain is forming new connections, as you start to change the way that you think.  You are also possibly recalling past memories to draw similarities to what I am discussing with you right now.  Chemically, you are different because your body is acting like a huge pharmacy, constantly releasing and absorbing “drugs” into your body at the right place and time.

So, if we are constantly in a state of flux, then we can determine who we want to change into, by surrounding ourselves with the things that will bring about the person we want to become.  One of thees is hanging out with people who add to your life the positive things you wish to attract yourself.  This is not an easy thing to do.  Many times we tend to hang out with people who are exactly like us.  The problem with that, is that there is no growth that can occur.  Of course, that scenario would be better than hanging out with someone who has bad habits, and therefore has the potential to bring us down!

So, I guess you have to decide whether you would like to stay the same, grow, or regress.

If you have been following this blog for at least a week, I think you know where I stand.  I hang out with people who challenge me, whether that means mentally, spiritually, or physically.  I hang out with healthy, happy, and intelligent individuals.  I surround myself with those that share my understanding that health comes from within.  With that understanding, only great conversations can occur.

Matthew M Mix, DC