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How do You Want to EXIT the Stay in Place Order?

Our Intention is for 2020 to be your healthiest year yet.

We do not guess about how healthy you are, we measure it. This year, in fact, we have stepped up our game once again and invested in even better technology to properly assess your nervous system. This system is on it’s way, and we expect it to help us continue to get the results your body deserves.
The reason we don’t go cheap with our technology, is simple:
To get results.


Of course this year has started off rocky..

It has been a stressful start to the year. This exactly why we have stepped up our game:

  • Stress causes increase consumption (food and/or alcohol).
  • This leads to poor sleep.
  • This lowers the immune system.
  • Your ability to adapt to stress is, in a big part, part of your immune system.

So, what can we do?

  • Get real data on how your nervous system is working.
  • Get the problem corrected with an adjustment performed precisely.
  • See the results of this care in your energy, your quality sleep, and the strength and increased ability to adapt to stress.
  • Do what it takes to hold the adjustment:
    • stretch
    • exercise
    • eat well
    • think well

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Healthcare in America

Healthcare in America

The discussion of healthcare continues in the headlines in the US on a daily basis. Not only were healthcare discussions a likely reason for many voters to participate in the the recent election of President Trump, healthcare costs continue to rise at an alarming rate. Truth is, no matter who you voted for in the election, everyone can agree that healthcare costs are out of control. Something needs to change, but what?

Here’s an idea:

Healthcare needs to take a big step into preventative care. Not only is it ethically correct, it is good for our nation as a whole. Do not get confused, I am not talking about early detection. Preventative measures means true prevention. It means taking healthy steps BEFORE any signs of ill-health. Prevention doesn’t look for disease and ill-health, it helps you avoid these things, by focusing on steps that do not interfere with an already healthy body.

Some examples of prevention for healthcare:

  • Eating organic, healthy foods.
  • Drinking clean, natural water.
  • Exercise for health.
  • Chiropractic care to remove subluxations to the nerve system.
  • Massage to relax the muscles and mind.
  • Meditation techniques.
  • Healthy, natural sleep.

If healthcare truly wants to change in order to offer a high quality of life to those within our nation, we NEED to support the things that actually have shown to improve our quality of life.

Prevention is cheaper than cure.

proper focus

proper focus

One cannot have more dark.

Nor can you truly posses disease!

Darkness is simply the absence of light. In order to rid your room of darkness, isn’t it easier to light a candle, than to remove the dark?

In order to rid ourselves of disease, we must promote health. Chasing something that only exists because man has given name to it is a futile attempt at restoring health.

bad curve

bad curve

Picture taken facing left. Reversal of curve shown.

When looking at an x-ray, like the one above, it is important to understand a few things:

  1. This curve was not always this way. Most of us have a great curve in our neck before we can walk properly, it helps with balance.
  2. It is a common condition, yet it does not have to be. The curvature in the spine gets changed like the one above from a condition called vertebral subluxation.
  3. This can and should be corrected for proper functioning of the nerve system, which leads to a healthier existence.


Entropy can be described as a process in which order turns to dis-order over a period of time. I remember learning the process of entropy in 5th grade. I believe it was a core concept in science of the time, discussing how rivers change course over time, etc. I never thought I would use the concepts of entropy later on in life, however today I’d like us to think about entropy, and the human body.

Spoiler Alert!

A human body breaks down over time. Of course, I guess this isn’t a spoiler alert, however with all the trouble some go through to not look older, it is worth being said. In fact, we know that our time on this earth is finite. In the healthcare industry, entropy is simply what we are trying to delay, it’s our never ending battle. I use the word “delay”, because there is no preventing death, cheating death, or fooling the eventual outcome.

So, how do we delay something that is inevitable, and can it be delayed in the first place?

I say it absolutely can. In fact I have proof that deterioration in the spine can and will reverse itself, if given the proper care. So, with this being a fact, that the body can and does heal in this manner, what is actually CAUSING the healing process?

What is IT that is reversing entropy, causing the end process to be delayed, in a living thing?

It’s important to really think about this question. I’d rather not give you the answer right away. I guess call this a cliffhanger, and spend the next few days thinking of this all important question. It’s important, because it determines HOW you will treat your healthcare.

If you are having trouble formulating your answer, you are welcome to go here to research more.

Until next time!