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At what cost?

When deciding where to go for dinner, most people think of the monetary cost versus the quality of the experience. For instance, a visit to Taco Bell does nothing to most people’s taste buds, however the monetary cost is extremely low, so it makes up for it…..or does it?
Maybe it’s time that we start thinking of long-term costs as well. Research shows us time and time again that upfront lower costs often have a larger cost down the road. Take clothing for example. Buy a cheap pair of jeans and watch how fast they fade, rip, and tear.
With a handful of the decisions that you will make today, do a quick assessment as to long term versus short term benefit. I bet you find that you are programmed to make short term choices. This is neither good for you or your loved ones. If we start thinking long term more and more, the results could be huge down the road.

The most successful people are the ones that have a long term vision, the goals to support that vision, and the drive to achieve those goals.


March is here. How are you doing on the goals, objectives, resolutions you set in January?

I use to get disappointed if I let myself slide, when I should have been following through with my goals. I remember that I use to set goals, and then it seemed like time would just fly by, later to notice that my goals were not met, because I did not do what I needed to do to accomplish those goals.

So there it was. A goal set, and not attained, once again. I was so sure of that goal when I set it, and now it seems very far away. i decided that there has to be a way to make sure that I am doing everything I need to do to accomplish that goal…if it truly was very important to me. There is where accountability came from.

A good friend of mine introduced me to accountability. One way that I stay accountable to my goals and objectives, is that I get others involved in the process.

-Name your goal. This is a great thing. This means that you have taken the time to dream, to really ponder about what you want in life.

-Now you write it down. Wonderful, now you are making you accountable to you.

-Tell a close friend. Excellent, now you are making you accountable to others.

I guarantee the next time that you see that friend, they will ask you, “Hey, how many days have you been off the smoking?” I know I do.

Here’s one more thing that being held accountable to a designated group of individuals:
It really made me step up my goals, and more importantly following through on them. I get more accomplished in less time, and I am happier doing it.

On a personal note:
One goal of mine for 2013 is to make a larger impact in our schools. So, I took a great step to getting this accomplished. I decided to run for a position on the school board in my town. A huge undertaking, and a lot of time invested, however it truly is something I want to do. So I made the step. It’s a huge motivation to not want to come up with a lot of lazy answers for my accountability group, on why I didn’t get involved.

Until next time…keep focused!

Is you goal big enough?

The US Olympic trials have now been broadcasting all over television.  No matter what sport you are watching, you see the same committed, focused, muscular bodies working toward their goal…the chance to win a medal.  It makes one think, “What’s my one big goal?”.

That question had to come into everyone of these athletes competing.  It all started with that question.  Ultimately, the answer had to be, “to win a medal”.  The details to get there were then set in motion.

So I ask you, what is your big goal?  If you had to pick just one big goal, what would it be?  If you really wanted this big goal, what would you need to do to make sure you could reach this goal?  What would you eliminate/sacrifice to get that goal?

If the sacrifice isn’t worth the goal, then your goal isn’t big enough to you.