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At what cost?

When deciding where to go for dinner, most people think of the monetary cost versus the quality of the experience. For instance, a visit to Taco Bell does nothing to most people’s taste buds, however the monetary cost is extremely low, so it makes up for it…..or does it?
Maybe it’s time that we start thinking of long-term costs as well. Research shows us time and time again that upfront lower costs often have a larger cost down the road. Take clothing for example. Buy a cheap pair of jeans and watch how fast they fade, rip, and tear.
With a handful of the decisions that you will make today, do a quick assessment as to long term versus short term benefit. I bet you find that you are programmed to make short term choices. This is neither good for you or your loved ones. If we start thinking long term more and more, the results could be huge down the road.

The most successful people are the ones that have a long term vision, the goals to support that vision, and the drive to achieve those goals.

what does it cost?

Everything has a cost. The cost may not always come in monetary form, however there will be a cost for benefit. Without always realizing it, we are paying for the things we want on a regular basis. Right now, I am listening to music as I write this post. The cost? I am also being sold products during commercial time. Don’t want commercials? No worries, then just pay a monthly fee for internet or satellite radio.

Let’s see how this works for our health:
Hungry? Choice 1- Visit a local grocery store (pay for the food)
Choice 2- Go to your local fast food establishment (pay for the food, and pay for the poor health consequences later)
Choice 3- Go to a nice restaurant with your loved one (pay more for your food, less for health consequences later)
Choice 4- Grow your own food (send time and energy for growing of food, not to mention water, and proper growing tools for your garden)

What is important to understand is that the cost doesn’t outweigh the benefit. The cost for me to go to a fast food restaurant is initially minimal, however has long term cost associated with it that I am not willing to pay. The cost for me to essentially neglect my health today is way too high to even consider. I know many from my childhood that essentially took this “cheaper” route with their health, and today I can enjoy time with my 3 year old, and know it was because of smarter decisions 5-10 years ago.