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Down time

Down time.


I have to admit, I am a little uncomfortable with “down time”. No doubt, time for your body to recover, for the mind to rest, or for relaxation is important. However, “down time” should never go against the ultimate purpose for our lives. My purpose is so clear to me that I know what down time should and should not look like.

If down time is time away from my son, I’m not interested. I work too hard for that down time. For my wife, however, down time is time spent more on herself…because she is around our son all day long..well at least for the summer!

Innate intelligence (that “thing” that heals and maintains us in existence) has no down time. All the time, innate intel. is on the job. It keeps you functioning in the crazy world you choose to function. You push your body on the weekend, innate intel. has it covered. You choose to veg. out on the sofa on Sunday morning watching cartoons, innate intel. has all the chores checked off for the radical change in your activity level.

One day your innate intel. will have downtime. Until then, I suggest we live our life FILLED with experiences that enrich the lives around us. One can do this best with an innate intel. that is uninterrupted…the meaning of living a subluxation-free life.

1 ply

I returned from a small town in Nicaragua this week. There were many things that were quite a bit different than our usual day-to-day routines. However, I would like to talk about one in particular: toilet paper (TP).

TP is such a simple product. Near everywhere you travel, you will see TP. Sometimes TP is rough, sometimes it is soft. Sometimes it is thick, and sometimes you find it thin. Sometimes perforated, others a continuous roll.

One thing is for certain with TP:

Once you get use to a certain quality, it is near impossible to be satisfied with an inferior experience.

Health can be thought of in a similar fashion. When you experience the results of a quality chiropractic adjustment, your quality of life changes for the better. Your health simply deserves to function without interruption from a subluxation. When a quality adjustment is given, a subluxation clears, and quality of life instantly changes. Why would anyone want a lower quality of life?

Tone and health

More than 100 years ago, D.D. Palmer (the very first chiropractor) understood that the normal tone of the human body was altered when someone was sick. His huge amounts of educational work in the study of the human body led him to the understanding of health founded on TONE:

A subluxation is an interruption of the normal tone in the nerve system. When subluxations are detected and corrected, the human body will experience better health.

The easy way to understand tone is to look at a guitar. What makes the sound of the guitar? Being a great guitar player comes down to one thing: tightening and loosening the strings. This changes the tone of the guitar, and makes the sounds you hear.

So, really a chiropractor is not much different. We tighten and loosen the nervous system by adjusting. The results of this can and have been researched widely for over 100 years now. In fact, many chiropractors can measure before and after effects of your nerve system in their office in minutes.

It all comes down to this, when you are tuned properly, you will experience better health.


rain and the adjustment

Right now my town is in a drought. In fact the rain is so hard to come by, that the city has decided to place us under a moderate water restriction. In fact, I will take a picture of my yard today, and again in 2 weeks. I can guarantee the difference will be considerable.

It’s easy to understand: the less water, the less growth. More importantly: the less water, the more death.

Invariably the first thing that will happen, is that in the sunniest areas (the areas most effected by dryness) will start to turn brown. Then, it spreads like a domino effect. Soon the brown will be everywhere the shade isn’t. It’s not a pretty picture, in fact for a guy from New Orleans, where it rains daily during the summer, it is hard to watch. Everything that I worked so hard to plant, cut and trim will soon turn to dead, loose hay.

I can imagine your innate (that healing power within you) feeling the same way about your cells not getting the nerve impulses properly. Disappointed that it’s not being fed the right ingredients to keep it healthy. Your innate intelligence knows what to do to keep you healthy, and to return you to health, should you get sick. If your innate intelligence could talk, would it say, “Hey there. Remember me? We started out great. I had you working like a fine Rolex…and all you had to do is not interfere with the process!”

I don’t do that

Results in your health come from a handful of important things you can do to be healthy. You do not have to be perfect, to be healthy. I see this incorrect thought all the time in healthcare.

A patient goes to a healthcare provider. For this example, let’s say a chiropractor. The patient is immediately told that he or she needs to receive chiropractic care, along with other recommendations to stop the progression of ill-health, and diminished life experience. Sounds about right, however here is the issue that often ensues:
How many “other recommendations”?
Most of the time it will involve:
electric stimulation
heat or ice
diet modification
detoxification remedies
gels or lotions (biofreeze)

The chiropractor may actually believe that these things are good for the patient, and some may be, however are they really necessary? The truth is that my own profession will often overstep their knowledge, and profession, by recommending things that are out of the scope of chiropractic. That is not what we do.
We do one thing, and we do it well. We adjust. In order to adjust, we analyze the spine and nervous system for the presence of subluxation. A subluxation is interference to the impulse in your nervous system. We find that subluxation, and remove it. If we find that there is something else that you need other than chiropractic, we will refer you to the proper intelligent individual in that specialty.